Why we do it?

Sometimes, people ask us this.

Tell us about Zoo TG and what you are all about?

Everyone in the band loves playing live music, it is hard work, yes. Writing songs, learning them, working on them. Trying to get gigs where people will listen. Driving around, carrying heavy things. Asking ourselves, we love our music why doesn’t everyone? Go home start again. We are not that naïve to think Zoo TG will be doing anything other than, having the time of our lives and being incredibly grateful we can still do this crazy stuff every minute of the way.

We need to entertain people, we love it, we want to make them think, provide catchy melodies to sing, hum, whistle, clap and dance along. Help people relax, have a good time and take their minds off the things that trouble them. Often our songs are about the things that happen to everyone, hopefully people recognise this. Simple songs for complicated beings.

With a bit of humour, tongue in cheek maybe, things to think about. An original idea, that makes people smile for a moment in a time when even the new seems out dated after about a day.

We want to be the best we can be when we play our music.

For us there is nothing to beat the experience of hearing a song for the first time and thinking that sounds good. I never thought about saying something in that way or even, I don’t agree, I think that writer must mean something else because that’s not how it is for me. That’s what being human is all about. That’s what we want our music to be like for our audience. New, challenging but accessible and somehow familiar at the same time.

What most people will agree on, good things, good times and good memories matter.

Above all, we hope the effort people put into coming to a Zoo TG gig, listening to and watching us perform our songs, makes folk happy. Gathering together with all the pals, the Zoo crew, that’s what life is about, that’s what Zoo TG are all about.

Great Joy to you all!

Zoo TG.

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