It’s never too late!

Our latest release “Too Late Venus” Sets out to explore that living for the moment is no bad thing.

Zoo TG

A band rehearsal over once again. Camaraderie and conflict, brilliance and banter, all performed out and I trudge through the frozen night streets. Looking up at the clear starry sky’s above Edinburgh’s familiar skyline and another song comes crashing through my slightly alcohol infused thoughts.

Shouts rattle off the shop windows, white knuckle heart beats steer clear, rubber and tar clatter and burn, a horn signals a sharp intake of breath, as a car narrowly misses a group of high spirited young people crossing the road junction. On a different night that might have been myself crossing the lights on my motorcycle. Don’t drink and drive folks I find it’s more productive to walk.

No doubt, we can be so easily in the glory of our time and simultaneously, in a moment of tragedy.

As it is with Zoo TG, well perhaps glory and tragedy are words a tad strong for a pop group. Words we may all experience at sometime. Zoo TG cannot begin to explain this wonderful world. If we were able to do that then, this band of rogues may well already be enjoying the dizzy highs and lows of some kind of recognition.

Yes, entertaining the small, loyal group of fans, is enough for the ego…. Until we get a better offer.

Nevertheless, unlike the fictional fate of the protagonists in our track “Too Late Venus” it’s never too late for anyone.

Love life and take care,

Zoo TG

Listen to “Too Late Venus”

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